Where can I find flexible and qualified production staff available 24/7?

What we can do for you…

Are you looking for flexible, motivated workers? Then you have come to the right place! Because of our Polish roots, we can draw on a large workforce where we select suitable candidates for your sector. Laudam speaks your language and knows your sector needs. Our people like to roll up their sleeves and know how to get things done. Our people make the difference!

Temporary staff need, available 24/7?

Whether it concerns one or ten employees and for 4 hours or 40 hours a week, we will arrange it for you! Do you have (seasonal) peaks to deal with and do you want to scale up flexibly, we switch up and down flexibly as soon as you wish. We can also find the right people for the often somewhat more difficult work in shifts and night and weekend work. The Laudam team is at your service every day of the year!

Laudam is the brand for flexible work

Since the start in 2000, Laudam has revolved around the human dimension. We invest in our people and in the relationship with you and it is appropriate that you are assigned a permanent account manager who works with you and ensures that our personnel services continue to meet your wishes. It goes without saying that everything we do meets the applicable laws and regulations. We have the required quality marks and certifications as mentioned below, but above all we have the right people on all fronts. Laudam guarantees the ideal match.

That is why companies choose Laudam


Flexible staff available 24/7


Professional and reliable


Attractive job offers


Optional accommodation


Optional transport

Laudam is active in the following business sectors

We have traditionally been strong in the following sectors. That has grown so much over the years, we have earned our spurs there and we are building on that. You have the work, we have the people!


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We are the employment agency for production employees. Laudam supplies you with the people for the workplace, people who know how to get things done. The foreign workers that we mediate are known for having the right work mentality. They come here in the Netherlands to make progress and not to twiddle their thumbs. Hard work, of course fitting within the applicable strict rules of Dutch law and regulations, is well rewarded by foreign standards. This means that the staff you hire through us give 100% effort to perform on a daily basis. In addition, working conditions in the Netherlands are often significantly better than in their native country, which means that people enjoy going to work here, which translates into a positive work attitude. We can write about it all we want, but you have to experience it for yourself. Hire our people and convince yourself!


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Polen is een land waar tot enkele jaren terug veel mensen werkzaam waren in de staalsector. Zeker doordat een aantal ooit fameuze scheepswerven - door de concurrentie van scheepsbouwers in het goedkopere Azië - hun deuren hebben moeten sluiten, loopt er veel onbenut talent rond in Polen. Laudam zorgt dat dat deze mannen van staal voor u aan het werk gaan.


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Without logistics everything comes to a standstill, with Laudam everything runs smoothly! We are at home in the world of logistics. On an annual basis, we place dozens of distribution employees in a variety of positions, from warehouse employees for regular work to certified forklift drivers and accurate order planners and pickers. Warehouse work involves so much more than just stacking boxes. Our people are widely deployable for all forms of additional logistics services such as palletizing, sorting and labeling, repacking and repacking and preparing products for shipment. For logistics employees, go to Laudam.


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We know what requirements employees working in the food industry must meet. Production and packaging work must be carried out with the utmost care and attention in compliance with all applicable hygiene regulations. Not everyone is suitable for this job because it also requires a certain mindset. You must realize that you are an important link in the food chain and that negligence can endanger public health - and therefore the continuity of your business. To select the right people for you, we first identify the nature of the work, how it should be carried out and what qualifications are required. Is the work on an assembly line, sitting or standing, on a production or packing machine or otherwise? We provide you with workers who understand that strict rules must be strictly observed in this sector.


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The green sector knows where to find us like no other. That's not surprising, because that's where it once started. Nina Laudanska - the co-founder and director of Laudam - started herself as a strawberry picker in the nineties and she and her team have expanded that network over the years. Especially during the harvest period there is a great need for extra pickers, but our temporary workers are deployed all year round because the fresh produce sector is busy in all seasons. Each naturally growing product requires a specific treatment and the appropriate workforce. In addition to sharp vision, mushroom cultivation also requires fine manual work, where heavier work - such as sticking asparagus or filling and stacking crates - also requires some muscle power.

Satisfied customers say about Laudam…

“Laudam can switch quickly, one call and help is on its way.”

Jaco Koman, director of Koman's Vishandel

In the Moerdijk harbor area, the business premises of Koman's Vishandel are located on the Hollands Diep, with an adjacent shop where enthusiasts can go for a nice assortment of fresh fish. Koman is a real fishing family from Werkendam. “My great-grandfather started fishing for freshwater fish and eel in the Biesbosch in 1918. Soon there was more demand than was caught and that's how the trade came about” says Jaco Koman. Both live and frozen fish are supplied from all over the world every day. “Fishermen along the Dutch and Belgian coast and wholesalers provide the supply, and we also have our own fishing company. With two boats we fish on the Hollands Diep, mainly roach, zander and bream. All fresh fish is processed by us and then you are talking about filleting, portioning and packaging. The frozen fish arrives ready-made and is...

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“We are looking for people with a 'boat worker mentality' and Laudam has been supplying that for years.”

Bob van der Kade, deputy director at Verzinkerij West-Brabant

Since the start in 1968, Verzinkerij West-Brabant has grown into an absolute specialist for the hot-dip galvanizing of metal constructions for a variety of customers. “We have clients from the civil and agricultural sector, but also the offshore, ship, construction and shipbuilding industries,” says general manager Niek van der Kade. He explains the hot-dip galvanizing process in simple steps. “After the entry check, the constructions are hung on racks and enter the pickling bath. This is a bath with a diluted hydrochloric acid solution in which the mill scale and/or rust is dissolved. After this, the workpieces can go to the galvanizing bath where they are dipped in liquid zinc at 450°C. The zinc reacts with the bare iron and this way they are permanently protected against rust.” Finally, it is assessed whether the end product meets...

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We work and strive for 100% customer satisfaction

In fact, at Laudam we have both internal and external customers and in both cases we strive for maximum customer satisfaction. Our people have to perform for you and that is only possible if we facilitate them properly. Keeping promises, doing what you say and saying what you do results in positive word of mouth and is the basis for growth. We like to set the bar high, because that's how we challenge ourselves to constantly improve. If you have any suggestions or comments, we hope that you will put us on edge in the light of the relationship. We are not satisfied until you are and even then we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

We are available 24/7

Some of our clients work continuously. Because, especially there, staff scheduling is not limited to working hours, we are available 24 hours a day for our customers and our employees. We are at your disposal whenever you want. Each Laudam customer is assigned their own account manager, so you always have a permanent point of contact. Two permanent points of contact, because each account manager has permanent facilities.

Nina Laudanska


Jarek Socha

Planning Manager

Tomasz Myszewski


Michalina Cybulska

Payroll administrator

Kasia Majchrowicz

Service Manager

Piotr Jaskowiec

Driver, planning assistant

Jacek Zawłocki

Driver, planning assistant

Jakub Kisiel

Driver, planning assistant

Arno Moerland

Account Manager

Ewa Mysior

Head of payroll administration

Wojciech Mysior

Payroll administration

Anna Kopczyńska

Payroll administration

Miranda Breeman

Internal sales

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The Poolshoogte is the newsletter that we have been publishing for years. Customers tell about their experiences with Laudam, you will find fun facts and delicious Polish recipes, but also news about changes in legislation and regulations that are relevant to you. Particularly informative, pleasant to read and available in hardcopy and digital version. With a single mouse click you can subscribe free of charge.

Laudam news

The Poolshoogte is the newsletter that we have been publishing for years. Customers tell about their experiences with Laudam...

Laudam news

The Poolshoogte is the newsletter that we have been publishing for years. Customers tell about their experiences with Laudam...

Laudam news

The Poolshoogte is the newsletter that we have been publishing for years. Customers tell about their experiences with Laudam...



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