Waar vind ik 24/7 flexibel en vakbekwaam productiepersoneel?

Verzinkerij West-Brabant has known where to find Laudam since 2003

Since the start in 1968, Verzinkerij West-Brabant has grown into an absolute specialist for the hot-dip galvanizing of metal constructions for a variety of customers. “We have clients from the civil and agricultural sector, but also the offshore, ship, construction and shipbuilding industries,” says general manager Niek van der Kade.

He explains the hot-dip galvanizing process in simple steps. “After the entry check, the constructions are hung on racks and enter the pickling bath. This is a bath with a diluted hydrochloric acid solution in which the mill scale and/or rust is dissolved. After this, the workpieces can go to the galvanizing bath where they are dipped in liquid zinc at 450°C. The zinc reacts with the bare iron and thus they are permanently protected against rust.”

Finally, it is assessed whether the end product meets all quality requirements in accordance with the NEN-EN-ISO 1461 galvanizing standard.

Bob van der Kade indicates why Laudam fits so well with Verzinkerij West-Brabant: “For both of us, it is about customer-oriented thinking and acting. We attach great importance to service and honoring agreements.” The collaboration with Laudam goes back a long way. “The first temporary workers were placed in 2003,” says Niek van der Kade. “We have an experienced permanent team that we supplement flexibly with these temporary workers. This enables us to guarantee short delivery times and to treat urgent orders with priority. The people at Laudam are mainly deployed for hanging and removing the constructions and preparing them for powder coating. There is little talk of a communication problem in the workplace. Most of the men also speak English and/or German. Moreover, Laudam always ensures that the work instructions are translated into Polish.”

“We are looking for people with a 'boat worker mentality' and Laudam has been supplying that for years.”

Bob van der Kade, deputy director at Verzinkerij West-Brabant



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